AFL starfsgreinafélag

Are they cutting your hours? Icelandic Covid info in English and Polish ?

According to news last night – parliament will discuss (and hopefully pass) compensations to workers whose jobs are being cut, today. Although the travel industry has been hit the hardest – more sectors of our economy are being hit and hotels, restaurants and other companies are laying workers off – or cutting their working hours.
If parliament passes the aforementioned law – employees with 400.000 in regular salary a month and whose hours are being cut – will keep their salary intact even though their hours are cut down to 25% of full employment. For those with salary above 400.000 – they will be guaranteed a gradually lower percentage of their former salary.
Those affected will receive unemployment benefits supplementing the salary they receive. The law will be retroactive from 15th of March.
This is according to news on and an interview with the Minister of Social Affairs last night.
AFLs website and FB page will update the information as it comes to light. AFL and other unions urge members not to sign new employment contracts without consulting with the union and to follow information on your union website.
Also – worth noting –– www. the official website regarding the Covid-19 pandemic in Iceland is now available in English and Polish.