AFL starfsgreinafélag

Planning a summer job in Iceland?

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We will welcome you – but there are things you should know.  Almost everyone in Iceland is a union member – it´s a way of life here.  And the unions will safeguard your interest, negotiate your salary and advise you and guide you should there be problems at your place of work. There are also all other kinds of benefits.

Every autumn unions in Iceland get hundreds of cases of foreign seasonal workers who don´t get fully paid or are mistreated in some way. Some of these cases go all the way to the courts – free of charge for the foreign worker. That’s why you are a member a union.

Some employers will tell you that there is no need to become a union member. You should avoid those employers.  Others will try to decide which union you belong to – also beware of those. Unions in Iceland are organized geographically.

Also  - employers are obligated to deduct the union fee from your salary. If they don´t do that – what else are they also not honoring?

AFL Starfsgreinafélag is the union of Eastern Iceland. All the way from Skaftafell Nature Park and north to “Langanes”.  If you are working in this area – you should be a member of AFL.  Tell your employer right at the beginning that you are a member of AFL ;)

Write to us if you have questions. Our email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we read and write English, Scandinavian languages (Danish, Swedish and Norwegian), Polish and Serbian.  We are just an email away.

Remember that being a member of a union is our way of life.  That way we safeguard our salary and benefits – join us and let’s not stand divided. Come to Iceland as a friend.